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For all you sinners out there… salvation is here to the tune of $6.99. That’s right. For the cost of a tall americano at Starbucks, you can have all your sins washed away.

Six Pack of Prayer will wash your sins away as you drink them. Best of all, you can keep drinking until you throw up, and it’s no biggie to the Big Man upstairs. The brew washes your sin of drunkenness away as you get drunk.

Christians, scholars and theologians have wrestled with issues of sin and salvation for millennia. The answer is here: Pop open a heavenly brewskie, and enjoy.

Pastors, switch out your communion wine for Six Pack of Prayer, and save even the most recalcitrant sinners in your congregation.

Note: Do not think that Six Pack of Prayer came to abolish Shmaltz’s He’brew beers; it was not brewed to abolish them but fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest hop, not the least grain of barley, will by any means disappear from the He’brew until everything is accomplished.