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Everyone has been going nuts the past week about the health care reform bill that passed.  House minority leader John Boehner compared the bill to Armageddon. He also implied that the bill is the first, irrevocable step to destroying democracy in this country. Others say it is the end of freedom, that it will destroy our country, or other similar doomsday threats.

The bill is estimated to cost $1 or 2 trillion over the next ten years. Many fear that the bill will bankrupt our country. However, I have discovered a simple, budget-neutral solution to funding health care reform. Best yet, it won’t cost taxpayers one single penny. Here it is:

Reduce US military spending by 1%.

That’s right. By reducing military spending by a single percent, we could provide affordable health care to 32 million Americans.

Consider also that we spend more on our military than the next top 15 spenders combined (UK, France, Germany, Japan, China, Italy, Russia, Poland, South Korea, India, Canada, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia and Taiwan). Would reducing military spending by 1% really hurt us?