This March is the second anniversary of the official launch of the blog (although it existed before, in a purely experimental format). So after two years of blogging, I’ve successfully bored hundreds of people to tears, cultivated about 3 regular readers, provoked a few fights, and had perhaps one worthwhile discussion. Tongue and cheek aside, I do appreciate those take the time to read what I say. I appreciate even more those who give feedback, challenging me think critically about what I’m saying and explain myself. So for Amanti’s second birthday, I’ll recap a couple of my favorite and most popular posts and conversations (for anyone who is brain-melting-ly bored at work and has nothing better to do than explore the intimate depths of my psyche).

An open letter to President Edwards at Anderson University
Very recent, yet very popular, this open letter touches on AU’s history with the Civil Rights movement and entreats the leadership of AU to act with integrity and pursue justice for our sisters and brothers in the LGBTQ community.

Redefining Orthodoxy: Interpreting Scripture
This post and subsequent conversation helped me clearly articulate my method of interpreting scripture, which was no easy task. The conversation was very intellectually stimulating, and I feel it accurately represents my understanding of the role of scripture.

Pro-life: Call it like it is
This is one of my favorite “stir-the-pot” posts. Also, see the follow-up post, A further thought on being pro-life. I explain my take on being “pro-life,” expanding the discussion beyond abortion, and calling out what I perceive as a double standard held by may who call themselves “pro-life.”

Creamy pumpkin curry soup recipe
I’m not highly skilled in most of forms of artistic expression (painting, drawing, music, dance, etc.) Culinary arts is where I excel. I love creating intricate, gourmet meals. This is my favorite recipe I’ve posted.