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From Where We Stand: Class Matters, by bell hooks:

To provide housing for the homeless, citizens of this nation would have to believe that everyone has a right to shelter and that this right should be affirmed and protected by our tax dollars. Tragically, most citizens in the United States readily accept the notion that their tax dollars should support militarism that we are told will keep us safe, while ignoring the danger most people face when incomes are shrinking and affordable housing is lacking.

While I haven’t agreed with everything bell has said in her book, I do think she makes a good point. Our country seems to value military dominance more than it does providing a necessity (housing) of an unalienable right (life) as defined in the Constitution. This misalignment of values is an injustice and a betrayal of our Constitution.

Perhaps the Mennonites and Amish are better patriots than consistent church-goers with “Support Our Troops” ribbons on the back of their car.