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Last week I officially accepted a year-long position through AmeriCorp‘s VISTA program. I’ll be working with a program called Grandparents Raising Grandchildren here in Chicago. I’ll be interviewing five educational, self-help groups of grandparents. Then using my interviews and resources from the Institute on Aging, a team member and I will be creating a curriculum on how to raise grandchildren. Once the curriculum is completed, we will be using it to start 10-12 new educational self-help groups across the city.

Many “grandfamilies” exist because the parents are unable to care for their children due to problems with substance abuse, psychological illness or incarceration. According to my supervisor, families in this category are frequently low-income families… meaning I’ll be working a good deal on the South Side!

If all goes well (as my supervisor is optimistic it will), this curriculum will be adopted by the national agency which is funding my position and implemented nation-wide. This, obviously, would be a fantastic career opportunity.

So I’m excited about the possibility. Wifey and I will still be scraping together to get by, but at least I have a job now, and she’s got a solid internship that will eventually turn into one. So life is going decently well. I can’t wait to get started.