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I am officially back, alive, home, safe and sound. The new wifey and I had a fantastic time in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. If you want to, check out my pics on Facebook. Miscellaneous adventures included:

  • Getting climbed by a monkey trying to steal pineapple out of my hand
  • Drinking mojitos like water
  • Driving to Panama and almost getting in trouble with the Panamian police
  • Saving Sara from a rip current
  • Eating a lobster feast at a seaside restaurant
  • Finishing the Biography of Martin Luther King and Twilight
  • Ziplining through the canopy of the rain forest and snorkeling on a coral reef
  • Drinking more mojitos

The wedding was fantastic as well. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get them. Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a fantastic day.

We’re back in Chicago now. We’ve moved in to the summer apartment and are looking for jobs. It feels like vacation… except really we’re just unemployed. If you know of any jobs, lemme know.

Peace and love, kids.