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Look, mom. I’m on TV! Well, not me per se. But my fiance, roommates and friends.

I haven’t been able to find a video yet, but we were on CNN Headline News this morning. We also made Chicago Tribune.

Check out the video on Fox 59 Nightly News.

Here’s an excerpt from the article in the Herald Bulletin:

Students flout AU alcohol policy

A group of Anderson University students who protested the college’s alcohol policy by drinking beer in a bar on Tuesday could face disciplinary action, a college spokesman said.

About 25 students called on university administrators to ease prohibitions against alcohol use by students of legal drinking age, 21 and older.

Anderson University students are barred from drinking alcohol on or off campus, including when they are away from campus during breaks or on weekend visits to their homes.

Tuesday, the protesting students left a morning chapel session at the religious-based institution and walked about a mile to a downtown Anderson bar, Kroakerheads, 1239 Meridian St.

The march had been widely promoted through campus flyers and e-mails by the newly-formed Students for a Democratic AU. The protest was aimed at giving students a stronger voice in establishing school policy, said an organizer, Caleb Fiechter.

“We can’t deny that it was about the drinking policy but really it’s representative of how the student body, as part of the institution, has been left out of policy decisions and the decision-making process,” said Fiechter.

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