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Here are some excerpts from this article from the NYTimes:

In Gaza, decomposing bodies continued to be uncovered on Monday in the worst-hit areas, with the death toll for the 23-day conflict that ended on Sunday passing 1,300, according to health officials here.

[Al-Nunu, the main Hamas spokesman] said 5,000 homes had been destroyed and 20,000 damaged. Mosques and government buildings were also hit. … Israel suffered 13 deaths during the conflict, 3 of them civilian, according to military officials.

In Israel, a sense of justice and triumph prevailed with … President Shimon Peres asserting … that the army had achieved both a military and a moral victory.

So, the military had a moral victory. Justice prevailed?

I wish justice would prevail in our country. Think of all the homes, government buildings and churches we could destroy. Not to mention all of the people we could kill.

Justice. Like the ratio of Palestinian to Israeli deaths: 100 to 1. That’s certainly fair.

A moral victory? It seems to me that the moral action wouldn’t involve murdering hundreds of people. A moral victory wouldn’t leave families picking through the rubble of their destroyed houses searching for the corpses of their loved ones.

Just throwing that out there.