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I read this article on NYTimes today. The second half of the article talks about several girls in Afghanistan who got battery acid splashed in their face for attending high school. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

The attack, which marked the continued deterioration of security in Afghanistan, occurred just hours after two men on motorcycle sprayed acid on the faces of eight teenage girls, apparently as a punishment for daring to attend high school.

The students were walking to school when the man drove up and splashed their faces with what appeared to be battery acid.

At least two of the girls required hospitalization, with their faces blackened and burned and the doctors trying to save their eyes.

I just don’t understand where this kind of shit comes from. Deprive them of education, then throw battery acid in their faces when they try to go to school? I just can’t believe someone actually thought that what they did was a good idea. Did they think they were doing a good thing? If you read on, not even the Taliban was willing to claim such action as their own. So not even the Taliban thought it was a good idea? That’s low. Really low.

I’m absolutely disgusted.