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In a previous post, I gave my definition of pro-life (or “pro-forced-maternity” as Ex likes to call it).

I had another thought related to the maternity side of pro-life. I stated before that if we are going to tell a woman she can’t have an abortion, then especially in incidences of rape or health risks, it is our responsibility as a society to care for that child (through adoption, childcare, subsidies, etc.)

I want to take that a step farther. If we, as a society, are going to force a woman to birth her child, then we must also be responsible for that child before it is born. This would mean covering any medical bills the woman would incur, providing any related education and giving her access to increased nutrition and sustenance. If she is single, and must take leave of her profession while pregnant, then we must be responsible for meeting her financial needs. We should pay for her appointments, ultrasounds and any tests. We should provide means for food to compensate for her increased caloric and nutritional needs.

If we are going to mandate that a pregnant woman must always give birth to her child, then we need to accept full responsibility for the child. From conception to adulthood.